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5 Reasons You Should Opt For A Personalized Gift

Let’s be honest, gift-giving can be HARD. Whether you are looking for a gift for a significant other, coworker, friend, parent, or other family member finding just the right thing can be difficult. There are so many options for shopping online in this day and age that giving a boring old generic gift shouldn’t even be an option.  So with Valentine’s Day right around the corner, we’re here to share with you 5 reasons you should upgrade your gift-giving game by opting for personalized gifts.

1. It’s unique & one of a kind

No one wants to be the person who gives the duplicate gift, and when you opt for something personal, you eliminate that factor altogether. The gift then becomes just as original as the person you’re giving it to.

2. It shows just how much you know the person

Anyone can just buy something online. When you get something that has a personal touch it can tailor to what that person likes, their individual tastes, and include elements of things you know they love which demonstrates just how much you know about them.

3. It’s FUN!

Sure you could buy someone a candle, but what about a candle with a funny saying or an inside joke? It’s not only fun for the person to receive but it lets you have a bit of fun and flex your creative muscle too.

4. It’s keepsake worthy

Think about that one personalized gift you got - you probably still have it don’t you? That’s the point! Personalized gifts become little treasures that the recipient will probably hold on to for years to come.

5. It makes for a stronger connection

Buying someone a personalized gift shows that you put effort into it rather than grabbing the generic flowers, chocolate, or gift cards.  You went the extra mile and it will show. That effort will likely reward you with some leveled up friendships or other relationships!


So, if you’re up for the challenge of opting for something a bit more personalized for Valentine’s Day, a birthday, anniversary, “friendsversary” or just want to give someone you like a customized gift, Ambient Wick™ offers you the option to buy customized candles with our label customization add-on item. This item can be used on all of our candles so you can give a gift that smells good, does good, and makes someone else feel good!

All you have to do is add the candle you want to customize to your cart, add the label customization item to your cart and be sure to add what you want the candle to say in the NOTES section of your checkout process. Once your label is ready for review, we will email you a proof of your label 24 hours before it is set to ship.

Here are some other house rules:

  • You are limited to three (3) lines of copy
  • No more than 15 characters per line
  • One (1) small graphic may be used upon request
  • You MAY NOT edit the candle name
  • You MAY NOT remove Ambient Wick™ branding
  • You MAY NOT remove the labeling requirements on the bottom of the label as these are required by law.
  • You MAY NOT use excessive profanity, any type of hateful language, or discriminatory language. (We have the right to deny your request and issue a refund for the customization.)


So, how about it? Ready to get the best smelling customized gift for someone you know? Grab some of these best sellers below and get creative!