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How to make use of your empty Ambient Wick™ jars

There are so many ways to repurpose your Ambient Wick™ jars once your candle is all gone.  Our jars make great planters, vases, and storage containers for just about everything and anything! Some popular storage items include cotton balls and rounds, q-tips, and even craft storage! Let’s get into how to clean out your jars so you can prep them for re-use.

How to clean out your jars

The easiest way to clean your jars is by putting them in the oven, yes, the oven but on the lowest possible temperature setting. This will help melt any remaining wax and once that happens you can simply remove your jar from the oven and pour the leftover wax into the trash

DO NOT, we repeat DO NOT pour the wax down your sink or toilet or any other pipes in your home as candle wax hardens quickly once it is cooled off, so putting it in your drains will likely cause a blockage. If it doesn't block instantly, the hot wax will coat the walls of your drains.

Once your jar is empty, you can then wipe the inside of the jar clean with a cloth or paper towel and then pop out the wick holder with a spoon or a fork. 

PRO TIP: Spray a bit of rubbing alcohol inside your empty jar and then wipe that out quickly to remove some of the lingering scent. Then just let the jar air out for about 1 hour after and voila!

What kind of cool things will you do with your leftover jars? Get creative and be sure to tag us on Instagram @ambientwick  to show us and be featured on our insta stories!

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