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Meet the fall collection!

The weather is getting chilly, and it's just about that time to start cozying in with your favorite warm drink, PJs (bonus points for onesies!), and of course, filling your home or favorite room in your space with your favorite scent! No matter if you love pumpkin, apples, leaves, or maybe something that doesn't quite smell like fall, we've got just the selection. 

Our fall collection for 2020 features three irresistible autumn-centric fragrances that are sure to be one of your new favorite things about fall! Let's dive into the fall lineup this year:


Southern Pumpkin: Because fall just isn't fall without a little bit of pumpkin in your iced coffee and flowing through your house! Getting into the fall spirit is effortless with our warm and inviting pumpkin aroma. Perfect for your home office, living room, or even your bedroom. If you love pumpkin, then this is one you won't want to miss. 

Purchase our Southern Pumpkin candle here.


Autumn Breeze: If we don't say so ourselves, one of the best things about fall is stepping outside into that cool, crisp air and smelling the change of the season in the wind. Now, you can re-live that scent in your home with this earthy and vibrant fragrance. Perfect for the coziest corner of your home with a good book or perhaps a relaxing bubble bath. No matter where you burn this candle, it's sure to please.

Purchase our Autumn Breeze candle here


Gone Apple Picking: Nothing is better than a juicy, fresh-picked apple, especially in the fall. This fragrance is bursting with an apple aroma that smells so good; it will make you want to take a bite! (but please don't - our candles are NOT for eating :) ). Perfect for a chilly day in front of the fireplace!

Purchase our Gone Apple Picking candle here.


Last but not least - this scent is not a part of the fall collection but is being introduced at the same time as the first in our 365 collection.

A Breath of Fresh Air: This is the pioneer scent that put us on the map with our clients. This aroma is light, luxurious, and airy and is sure to clear any mental fog. The sun-bleached scent is bursting with lemon and white tea infusions. The hint of "lily of the valley" fragrance enhances this scent's clean sweetness, while sandalwood and vanilla bring in all the airy quality. This scent is perfect anywhere in your home at any time of the year. This scent is truly worthy of its title of the flagship of the 365 collection.


Purchase our Breath of Fresh Air candle here


Now that you're familiar with our latest collections, don't delay - the fall collection only lasts for a limited time!