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Meet The Winter Collection

Depending on where you are the weather is just beginning to cool down or it already has for some time now. Regardless, the holiday season is HERE and we’ve got the perfect lineup of holiday aromas to give you all the warm, cozy feelings that the holiday season brings. 

Our winter collection for 2020 features four irresistible winter-centric fragrances that are sure to be one of your new favorite things about wintertime. Let's dive right into the lineup this year:

O Christmas Tree: Whether you celebrate Christmas or not if you love the smell of pine trees then this woody aroma with a fir balsam core is for you! The citrus top notes, earthy undercurrents make this perfect for setting a festive holiday mood or creating the right ambiance for a winter evening by the fire.

Purchase our O Christmas Tree candle here.


Home for the Holidays: Think of your fondest memory of being home with family for the holidays, if that feeling were a scent - this is it. This botanical blend of Siberian fir and warm cedar has a hint of sweet berries that unfold into layers of fruity delight with a hint of amber and warm vanilla. It is the perfect companion for a calm winter evening with a cup of hot chocolate and your favorite holiday movie.

Purchase our Home for the Holidays candle here


Cinnamon Stick: The name says it all, this richly spiced classic cinnamon fragrance is a holiday staple. Hints of cinnamon bark, crushed clove, and toasted nutmeg with a dash of vanilla create a distinctive, spicy kick that is sure to warm you up during the chilliest of evenings!

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Meet Me Under The Mistletoe: This festive holiday fragrance is sure to be a favorite for fans of fresh woodsy scents. It has top notes of eucalyptus and camphor, with a blend of pine and fir to reinforced the aroma with a touch of spiced clove make it the perfect cheery scent for the holiday season.

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Last but not least - this scent is not a part of the winter collection but is being introduced at the same time as the second in our 365 collection.


Self Care Sunday: After reading the name of the candle, need we say any more? This clean, herbal scent features hints of aromatic woods. The addition of sage, rosemary, and chamomile awaken the earthiness of the lavender, while hints of sandalwood and cedar in the base make this the perfect scent to wind down with when you want to treat yourself or have a little "me time". 

Purchase our Self Care Sunday candle here.

Now that you're familiar with our latest collections, don't delay - the winter collection only lasts for a limited time!