The Importance of Candle Care - Ambient Wick™

The Importance of Candle Care

Most high quality things that we invest our money in like cars, smartphones and laptops have to be cared for in order for them to function properly and your Ambient Wick™ brand candles are no different. Here are a few things about candle care that you might not have known:


Yep, you read that right, every single candle you’ve ever put out by blowing on’ve been doing it all wrong. This is because blowing out a candle produces soot and smoke into your atmosphere, and when you blow out candles you could be  blowing droplets of hot liquid wax  and soot around your space, which might land on the furniture or other unsuspecting treasures in your space. So, what IS the best way to put out a candle? You should use a candle snuffer or a wick dipper as these tools put the flame out by depriving it of oxygen. 

In addition, when you blow out candles - they ruin the scent that your candle has put out so using the above methods will help your scent stick around longer in your space.


Not only does trimming your wick before each burn make for a cleaner burn of your candle as a whole, it also makes your flame look clean and bright. It also prevents the unpleasant ball of black soot that you often see on candle wicks which is referred to as “mushrooming” this can lead to a higher production of soot being released into your space and polluting the things around it and leaving that black dusty film on your things (let’s be honest, we’ve all experienced that!). Keeping your wick trimmed before each burn prevents that and adds longevity to your candle. 

In addition, keeping your wick properly trimmed prevents that unwelcomed black residue that can appear around your candle jar. Short wicks allow for a more controlled flame and less smoke/soot.


Allowing your candle to burn evenly so that there is an even pool of melted wax will help prevent soot from gathering around your candle jar and prevent the unpleasant occurrence of “tunneling” which occurs when the sides of your candle are not melting, only the middle. It’s best to only burn your candle when you plan to be around for at least 1 ½ - 2 hours. But remember, do not burn your Ambient Wick™ brand candle for longer than 3 hours and most importantly DO NOT burn it UNATTENDED. 

An Ambient Wick™ brand candle is an investment and to help you take care for your product - we are now offering Candle Care Essentials Kits that come with all the tools you need to keep your wicks trimmed and properly put out your flames. These kits are extremely limited in stock so act fast if you want to secure yours. Don’t forget, we are now partnered with Klarna, which allows you to pay for your purchases in 4 equal payments by selecting Klarna at checkout!.