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Of course, we make candles, but it's so much more than that. We handcraft highly fragrant, simplistic soy candles that serve a larger purpose. When you invest in our product, you're also investing in helping spread the word about mental health awareness. Each month we donate a portion of our profits to a different mental health organization. Our founder wanted Ambient Wick™ candles to serve a greater cause as a sufferer of anxiety and a survivor of depression.

Ambient Wick™ was born in a time of uncertainty and a love of candles. During the 2020 pandemic, our founder Jelisa found her candle stash running low and, due to lockdowns, was unable to go out and buy her favorites. So, her ambition led her to learn how to make them, and she perfected her craft with her husband, mother & three Australian Shepherd pups supporting her every step of the way. Fast forward to October of 2020 - after rejecting the idea of turning her candles into a brand, she landed a wholesale candle deal from a Hilton hotel in Atlanta, and the rest is history.

We are all about doing good business and providing a quality product worthy of your hard-earned money. Quality is built into our products' fabric, and that's clear the moment to take that first inhale of our opulent products. Beyond that, we value integrity; in fact, it is the core of company values and serves as a guiding light for all of our products. Finally, we value simplicity and minimalism in our hurried way of life - it's good to stop, enjoy a good candle, and all the other simplicities of life around us.
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  • We believe in doing good business an honest and decent company. We don't do shady business.
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  • We believe in crafting safe, quality products for our clients that we would love to see in our home.
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  • We believe that a good scented candle should create the perfect moment of zen & mindfulness.
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